Sunday, 1 September 2013


Youtube  video ideas.

Youtube is another social platform where you can generate some revenue by posting good videos.
But it is not that easy as adsense or affiliate marketing. It requires much more effort and much more patience.some people on youtube are making nearly about 10 lakh rs per month by uploading videos, it sounds good but it isn’t that easy.

The plus point about youtube is that people like to watch videos more as compared to reading a blog.
Hence you could attract more viewers.

How do I earn via youtube

As I mentioned before earning via youtube is not that easy. To earn via youtube you have to become a youtube partner. Once you have uploaded your video and it has more than 1 million yes right that’s 1 million views and over 1000 subscribers on youtube then youtube will approach you to become youtube partner. Now once you become partner with youtube they will put ads besides your video and when someone clicks on it you will get paid. But the challenging thing here is to get 1 million views and 1000 subscribers. I don’t want to mislead you by telling that you can start earning within a few time, of course you can if your videos are good enough and people share them. So in order to attract people you need to think differently for example there is a common trend on youtube to post funny videos which people like to watch but nowadays there are many people who have such collection of videos on youtube so you posting funny videos is not going to work.

So what kind of videos do I make ?

First of all think in your mind what kind of videos you would like to watch on youtube is it sporting videos?? Dance videos?? Recipie videos?? Or what??  Then when you find an answer to this question you will get an idea.

Best video idea.

So your task is to make 1 million views and 2000 subscribers for that you could make videos of reviews of different gadgets which are trending currently in the market. For example if  a new model of i-phone is launched then you could ask a nearby retailer to make a review video of it and post it on youtube.
Remember such things are searched on the internet a lot especially during their launching period because people are willing to buy upcoming gadgets and they want to know the features of it.
So you could be assure that your video has max number of views.

There are many successful youtube channels which post such video reviews of gadgets and they are doing well. Initially you don’t need to buy a brand new gadget to review it .just visit the nearby mobile phone store and request him to take a review you could also pay him some amount. If your channel becomes succesfull (of course it will take time) you could buy your own gadets also. There are many people who buy newly launched gadgets and post their review videos on youtube as early as possible to get max views.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

facebook page continued....

facebook page continued....

Hello in the previous post I have discussed about some tips to create a successful facebook page.
Now in this post I am going to tell you some things which you need to know for a long run while promoting your facebook page.

So you have created a page, uploaded good content and shared it with your friends and I’ll be quite sure that you will get plenty of likes from your page. But the main motive behind creating a page is not just to reach out only to your friends but also to other facebook users. And it is not as easy as it appears.

3-5 days after you have launched your page you will notice that the number of likes to your page will remain constant, or it would increase at a very slow pace. And trust me it’s quite normal for such thing to happen because till now you have shared your page only with your friends so it’s quite obvious to get likes from them, but what about other people? How would they come to know about your page?

So the main challenge for us is to reach out new audience that would like your page.

So for this here are some tips you may follow to promote your page.

So what to do…..?

1. Comment on the content of other famous pages.

Your first task would be to find the page which is similar to yours or which has some relation with the subject of your page. For example if you have a page relating to gadgets, then you should make a list of page related to gadgets which have a huge amount of likes on facebook. Now you must post interesting comments on their page , the comments should be good enough to draw the attention of the audience. Once they like your comment it would be displayed on the topmost column .And hence most people will notice your page name and your page logo or picture. So make sure that your page name and page logo are attractive enough that people are tempted to visit your page.

2. Compete with other pages of your kind.

As now you have a list of pages which are similar to yours you need to analyse their pages and find out the plus points about their page and try to incorporate them in your page.try to be better than your competition page. If they are posting good content you must post the best content. If they update page every 2 hours you must update your page every 1 hour.

3. Don’t comment too much on other pages

You must not comment too much on  other pages as they might block you for commenting on their page, just 2-3 good comments on good content will do the trick.

4. Most important rule (consistency + patience)=SUCCESS.

Consistency is the most important thing which you need to have to make your page successful, because people will like the new content ,If there is now new thing on your page then people wont visit your page so it is important that you must update your page consistently.

Patience is the next most important thing which you need , you need to have a lot of patience because you won’t get much likes within less time . you need to have patience to get likes .Don’t be nervous if you don’t get much likes, just keep updating your page consistently and keep your enthusiasm level the same as it was on day one.

If you still have any problem regarding the page you could mail me @

Friday, 23 August 2013

How to create a successful facebook page.

Creating a successful facebook page.

Once you have selected a topic for your facebook page you have to gather a bunch of information and pictures about that subject. Let us consider you are creating a page for car lovers then collect certain facts about that car , note that your facts are unique and interesting enough that your audience will love to like and share it.

Remember don’t copy anybody else's content beacuse that’s not going to make you unique.

Do not share or upload your page unless and until you have sufficient content on your page that will entertain your audience the page should be full of good content.if you don't have sufficient content it will create a wrong impression on your audience.

Once you have gathered sufficient content then start posting the content. And then your page is ready.

Now you are set to go
Now its time that you share this page with your friends and request your friends to like your page so that you will reach maximum number of audience. You could also invite your friends to like the page.

Once the page is created your next job is to get as many likes as you could. But a page simply does not get any likes . you have to work too hard to get these likes and to get these likes you need to constantly update and post new and unique thing on your page….

Many more tips for creating a facebook page in the next post till then bye..............

Thursday, 22 August 2013


How to earn through affiliate programs

If you have to earn from your blog or your website then the best way to earn from this
is through affiliate affiliate marketing you put adds of certain other websites
which provides products or services to their customers  so when someone visits your website or blog
and clicks the affiliate link provided in your blog or website and buys the product or services provided
by the other site then you earn commission.For example let us say you have a website named and you have registered for the affiliate program of which provides matrimonial services. when a user visits your page and clicks on the link provided in your page and registers for the matrimonial site then pays you commission for that. There are many websites which provides affiliate programs on the internet but you have to choose them carefully as many are fake who assure you of paying you good commissions but pay you nothing at all. but there are many good affiliate programs which will give you good commissions i have listed below some of the websites which provides good affiliate programs.

Things you should remember while registering for affiliate programs.

Note that you should select the affiliate program which suits your website for example if your blog is about how to develop a website then you should register for the affiliate program of a web hosting website so that probability of the user buying the web hosting service increases.and in turn your income increases.

How can I know how much i have earned through affiliate programs ?

The affiliate program which you are going to buy will provide you with a admin panel where you can check the traffic to your webpage the number of clicks on your add, the number of people who bought the service or a product from the other site and also your earnings for the entire day as well as months.

How much could i earn through affiliate programs?

Your earnings from the affiliate program will directly depend upon the traffic your site has and the number of potential customers you have. So it is important to attract potential customers to your website.if you have these things then you are definitely going to earn a lot of cash.

How to earn via facebook

How to earn via facebook

Can I earn money through facebook ?
Then answer to above question is yes you can, but not directly but indirectly, if you have a lot of friends on facebook then you can make the most of it. In today’s world of social networking the youth is highly addicted to facebook, they visit more often to facebook than any other site, the reason behind it is to connect and keep up with their friends. But apart from individual pages there are many other pages like business pages, entertainment pages and many others. There are many pages on facebook like rajnikant v/s cid jokes which is the most common liked pages amongst Indians having nearly two million page likes till date. There are many other pages like fun inventors, let this semester go, and etc which are grossing million likes.
These pages are created in early 2008 and have grown rapidly since past three years, many people like me visit this pages and are addicted to them. If you have noticed then you will find that after posting some good content they post an advertisement of some or the other websites which sells t-shirts or similar stuff.
I don’t have a accurate proof but I think that they earn revenue by posting such ads on their pages which eventually reaches to 2million Indian youth. But reaching 2 million likes isn’t that easy such pages are filled with a lot of creativity and humor and it takes a lot of talent to create such kind of entertaining and humorous content which people may find interesting.

The idea behind creating such pages is simple
1.       Create a page and post good and entertaining stuff that the people may like.
2.       When people like your post they simply like and share it with your friends.
3.       When their friends notices that page and finds it interesting then he too likes the page.
And the process goes on……….

So simple solution to reach people is by creating a facebook page.

What subject should I choose to create a facebook page ?

This is the most important part of creating a page. You need to decide the audience you are going to target. Selecting a subject also depends upon the nature of your audience.
For example if you are targeting kids then create a page of their favorite cartoon character.
If you are targeting geeks then create a page of gadgets, if you are targeting car lovers then create the page of branded sports car and so on. Also you must take into consideration what people like in a particular country. For example in India people like humor and entertainment as compared to other things.

In the next post I will tell you more tips of creating a successful facebook page. Till then thank you……

Monday, 19 August 2013

Should you invest on online business ??

Should you invest on online business ??

The main thing about online business is that you require a very less investment as compared to other business.If you are new to the online world and don't have much online experience then I would recommend don't start investing right now.There are many things like blogspot where you have earning opportunity without investing anything. you could start earning through blogpot by blogging and later register for adsense programs,but my advice for the beginners is that don't invest at the initial stages ,you could start investing when you gain enough experience but if a few bucks dont matter for you then go for it.also if you have enough experience and know how to manage resources then you should definitly invest.

The glolden rule KNOWLEDE IS WEALTH

This rule applies in the online business world too. the more knowledge you have the more easier it becomes for you to earn on the internet.So try to collect as much knowledge as you can from the internet, when you are not blogging keep reading articles from the internet which may may not be related to your blog, but i assure you it will help a lot. there are many useful sites on the internet which provides you knowledge for free. wikepidea is one of those.remember blogging is more of reading than writing. beacuse the more you read the more you learn, and the more you
learn the more you grow.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Certain facts which you need to know about on line business

Certain facts which you need to know about on line business

why many people fail in on line business

There are many people on the internet who have started  their on line business but only a few of them are successful the reason behind that is quite simple they just focus on earning money and not on the content of their site. They just want to make money. but one should always keep in mind that you are not going to get paid simply because you are typing something on your computer but you are actually going to get paid due to the quality of content that you are publishing they are simply not going to pay you because you want to earn money online .so there should me more focus on producing good content for your site, publish content so good that people want to come back again and again if you focus on the quality then you are on your way to success.

Developing a good site is just not enough

When any company launches its product it needs to be marketed to increase its sale.
marketing is the most crucial thing in any kind of business the one who excels at marketing rules the business world today. similar things apply to your blog or website. just creating good content is not enough but you need to market your blog or promote your website or blog so that it reaches a lot of people. without marketing any content is useless however good it may be.

How do i market my blog or website

Previously i have discussed to promote your blog or website through social networking site but to increase more traffic that's just not enough. you need to register for google ad words program .that will surely increase the traffic to your blog or website.

When could I start earning

It cannot be surely said that when you could start totally depends upon your talent some people start earning within a few months while some might take a few years.i dont want to disappoint anyone but this is the fact, in online business you need to have a lot of patience i have seen many people who start their blog and actively update their page but when enough traffic is not attracted they stop blogging and move on.

Read blogs for writing better

If you are a beginner then before starting with your blog i would strongly recomend to read other peoples blogs because they give you an idea about blogging. also your knowledge level increases when you read them ,it also eventually increases your quality of writing a blog, the more you read the more experience you get, and the more experience you get the more better your blog would be.

Beware of frauds on the internet

For the purpose of increasing the traffic many people fall prey to online scams which promise you to increase traffic to your site/blog don't try to increase traffic, just focus on improving your blog the traffic would be generated automatically.dont try to increase your traffic in a wrong way or by spamming.

Do not register for google adsense too soon

Many people start blogging or start their site and are anxious to register for google adsense as soon as possible but one must not do that you should only register for adense program when your blog has a sufficient content and a good amount of traffic.getting approved by adsense is not at all an easy job they just dont approve anyone who registers for adsence. they have a look at your blog an the traffic generated by your blog. you are approved by the google adsense only when you have good amount of page views to your blog. they dont put adds on the site where there is no sufficient traffic. so have patience . let your reader base increase and then go for also go through the terms an conditions of google adsense carefully.